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We develop MarketWatch apps and websites, provide latest market updates, financial informations, business news and bold reporting from institutional companies, blend breaking headlines with incisive analysis.

TradeX Prime offers backoffice solutions for the market guided by market specialists to meet your needs. Now you can reduce the time and resources you spend on operational and administrative activities.

Light-weight, web-based system.
Easy, direct integration and smooth data transfer with other systems.
PDF Statements
Customized reports: Risk Reporting, Position and P&L Reports, Daily and Monthly Statements, Multi-Currency Reports and more.
Auto back-up system and crash recovery.
Multiple language support.
Advanced security for client and administrative access.

A CRM you'd actually want to use
Automate repetitive work so you can spend more time on sales.

Select what you want to manage:
* Sales pipeline
* Contact management
* Lead management
* Lead capturing
* Customer projects
* Marketing activities
* Customer onboarding
* Team tasks & projects
* Other